General information:

This beautiful blend of peach and nectarine has no equal. With a sweet, old-fashioned flavor and minimal fuzz, this new release is sure to fly off the shelves. Along with the warm temperatures of summer come California’s most flavorful peaches and nectarines. With the Peacharine you get the best of both delicious fruits.

The 1909 Pacific Monthly, Volume 21, edited by William Bittle Wells and Lute Pease, informs us:

"A man, J. W. Philippi of Acampo, has originated a new fruit known as the "peacherine." It combines the solidity and flavor of the nectarine with all the good qualities of the peach. It is becoming so well known and liked that calls are coming from all parts of the world for it. Incidentally, proving the value of California land, it is said that the originator of the peacherine has made an annual profit of $2000 from a single acre, notwithstanding that his residence and other buildings are on the same tract."

The Peacherine tree carries large fruit intermediate in appearance between a peach and a nectarine, large and brightly colored like a red peach, with a good flavor. The flesh of the fruit is usually yellow but white varieties also exist.