Cranberry Bean

Other names:

borlotti bean, saluggia, shell bean, salugia bean, crab eye bean, rosecoco bean



General information:

Cranberry Beans are known for their creamy texture with a flavor similar to chestnuts. Cranberry beans are rounded with red specks, which disappear on cooking. These beans are a favorite in northern Italy and Spain. You can find them fresh in their pods in Autumn.

According to the USDA, the American 'cranberry bean' is the same bean as the Italian 'borlotti' and, as a matter of fact, a large percentage of the 'borlotti' beans sold in Italy are actually 'cranberry beans' imported from the U.S.

Another name for this bean in the U.S. is 'French horticultural bean'.

These beans are related to the Tongues of Fire Beans. Very popular for Spanish, Italian and Portuguese dishes.