The Produce Quiz – What Am I?

I'm the best plant since sliced bread. I am the 'The Supermarket of the swamps' according to Guru of nuts and twigs, Euell Gibbons, 'the cat's meow, and the ducks feather.' Youíll go wild over my ability to soothe your sore gums and cure your sweet tooth. I feature prime nesting grounds for red-winged black birds and marsh wrens. I also offer material for human shelter and warmth in the form of lean-to's and garments. I was used during WW I as an artificial silk, a substitute for cotton, and as a down for gloves and coats. You too can create wondrous and unique garments that will wow and dazzle your friends. I'm a versatile plant, because not only can I be used for shelter and garments, I can also be used for weaving baskets to hold your favorite cakes and pastries made from the flour-like pollen of my flowers. Did you know that the pollen from just one acre of me can provide as much as three tons? My roots can also be made into flour or a thickener for cooking when you separate the fibers from my roots. When boiled I taste like a mashed potato and when macerated I make a sweet syrup for the pancakes you've made with the flour from my pollen. Eaten raw, my shoots or stalks are like celery sticks and can be used in salads, roasted, or sauteed. When steamed I taste much like asparagus and my flower spikes can be boiled and eaten like corn on the cob. I am a plant ahead of my time, high in protein available year round. Roots in the winter, shoots in the spring and flowers in summer. Who can beat that?

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Richard Liebowitz
Culinary Specialty Produce

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