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I have over fifty varieties. In the Inca language (Quechua) still spoken by the Indian peoples of Peru and Bolivia, my name means 'cold seed.' I am native to the Andes and can be found growing in tropical and subtropical regions, cold seed indeed! Today I am cultivated in the USA, Chili, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Israel, Guatemala, and Australia. The thorny tree that bares my fruit can grow as high as twenty-four feet. The scent of my flowers is so strong insects stay away so I have to be pollinated manually in order to fruit. I am heart or oval shapes with a scaly skin color ranging from bronze to green. When ripe I turn yellow then black. When over ripe I tend to have a sickly sweet odor. My fragrant whitish pulp is sweet and juicy with a custard-like texture. I have large black inedible (friendly) seeds throughout my flesh. I am best eaten out of hand and often doused with orange juice to prevent oxidation. I am also used in fruit salads, sorbet's, ice creams, yogurt, pastries and cookies. I can also be used to make jellies, jams juice or compote. I am high in carbohydrates and a good source of vitamin C and niacin. If you attached a Monstera to my mid section I would look like a prehistoric reptile.

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