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Over 7,000 years old and I am still one of the top three pulses in the world. Four Thousand years ago I claimed the number one spot in India, and I remain there, even today. Wanna know how to get to the top? Here's how I did it. First, you've just got to be part of the in crowd. For me, that meant hangin' with the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. In order to hang with the myths and legends, I used color and shape. 'Small ram', was my flashy nickname used to describe my rams head profile. Then I became every color I could. Ranging from creamy beige to black, green, yellow, red or brown would easily let folks know I was in town. Maintaining accessibility was essential. No tall trees or stringy vines for me, no sir! I live with a couple of relatives in a lovely green pod on a breathtaking view of our feathery fronds. Longing for prosperity, I adapted quickly to the warm dry climate in the Middle East and surrounding Mediterranean areas. Making sure I could be useful everywhere I made it known that I was not only edible fresh, but my seeds, when dried, could be used as a paste, flour, legume, as well as a fresh vegetable. To maintain a little excitement with my nutty flavor, I traded in some protein for some fat. Lacking specific amino acids is my big flaw and I will never be that complete protein I've dreamt of. I am an excellent source of folic acid and potassium. Earning a reputation as a good source of fiber has taken me over the top and my fame is spread throughout the planets. I'm rising in stature in the Middle East as we speak, and just after conquering Europe. Am I on a roll (no, but I'm in a pita)? Look out world, here I bean

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