The Produce Quiz – What Am I?

Mangosteen ** Asparagus** Potatoes** Beans** Yams** Artichokes** Flowers** Passion Fruit** Tomatoes** Peppers** Basil** Carrots** Onions** Berries** Eggplant** Turnips** Grapes** Plums** Corn** Brussels Sprouts** Garlic** Cabbage** Broccoli** Cauliflower** Dragon Fruit** Radish** Lavender** Apple** Kohlrabi** Beets** Swiss Chard** Oranges** Rutabaga** Kale** Orach** Amaranth** Figs** Snow Peas** Okra** Olives** Currants**

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Produce Quiz courtesy of
Richard Liebowitz
Culinary Specialty Produce

The answer to last week's quiz: RADICCHIO
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