Melon Madness

General information:

Melons are some of natures sweetest treats. Fresh, sun-ripened melons capture the taste the summer. A slice of ice cold watermelon, half a cantaloupe or a piece of honeydew...lightly chilled, ready to scoop and enjoy are part of the fun of summertime!

On hot summer days refreshing chilled melon is welcome addition to any meal and a cool anytime snack.

Regardless of what type of melon you choose, they are very handy to have on hand for entertaining. Halved or quartered melons make great containers for chilled soups, punches, salads, dips, or even flowers. Consider serving a chilled cucumber soup in honeydew or cantaloupe halves, a fruity punch or fruit salad in a watermelon halve, chicken salad in a cantaloupe halve, or a fruit dip in any halved melon. Melon slices or wedges make great garnishes and melon balls add extra interest to ice creams, salads, soups, desserts, and other dishes. Try adding melon to your favorite desserts or salads for fresh summer flavor.