Lemon Plum

Other names:

Chameleon plum


February - March



Handling tips:

Keep cool (40°) until eaten or ready to prepare.

General information:

Lemon plums are a beautiful cultivar that is a bright yellow in color. Available for only a few short weeks in the spring, this plum is imported from Chile and is one of the last of the South American harvests. This drupe is characterized by a lemon-like color with a rosy tip that blushes across the body of the fruit as it ripens; this is an ovoid shaped plum. Named lemon plums because of their color, rather than the flavor, this fruit is aromatic when ripe and generally very juicy. The lemon plum is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber.

Like all drupes, this plum has an inedible pit in the center. Arriving from the Chilean markets, this fruit needs time to ripen to its full potential; if eaten before ripening, there is a tart, tangy flavor and a firm texture. Lemon plums are a wonderful harbinger of the US stonefruit market that arrives a bit later in the spring.


Can be eaten raw or cooked. Like all stonefruit, this has a pit in the center of the fruit.